Help me go to Berklee

So it has been quite some time since I posted anything.

I wanted to give you an update on my Berklee application tho. I finally got my final results and as it turns out I have been awarded with a scholarship worth $16000 for each year! I’m super stoked about that but unfortunately this is still not enough money to go there…

Since I’m studying full time, there is not enough time to earn a lot of money and no matter how much my parents would love to make this possible for me it’s just too expensive.… Read the rest →


Good Practice Habits

Practicing. It has to be done, right? At least, if you wanna end up working as a professional musician.

I guess for most musicians the hardest part of being a musician is actually to organize practice time and to know how to practice efficiently.

For this article, I have done some research to give you some ideas, as this is a topic that is really important to me.

What Is Practice?

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Ed Soph: How To Make A Living Of Playing Music

This is probably one of the best interviews I’ve ever heard.

To be honest, I’ve never heard of Ed Soph before but after this interview I looked him up and he’s absolutely amazing.

This podcast is from www.drummersresource.com an amazing online blog.

Head over to: http://www.drummersresource.com/ed-soph-interview/ and listen to the interview!… Read the rest →

Small and Large Diaphragm

Small & Large Diaphragm Microphones

When it comes to picking microphones it is important to know where the differences between small and large diaphragm microphones are.

I often hear assertions like:
A large diaphragm is better for low frequencies
A large diaphragm microphone sounds warmer
A large diaphragm can pick up more frequencies because it’s larger

Well, this cannot be generalised or is mostly not true.… Read the rest →


Berklee Audition

Today was the day I’ve been waiting for almost all my life. I did the audition for Berklee College of Music, Boston.

Man was I nervous. For no reason at all. Everybody was super kind and the atmosphere was super relaxed and chilled.

I thought I should give you a brief overview about what happened.

The Waiting Room

After arriving – I was 1.5 hours early – I was asked to take place in the waiting room with some other applicants.… Read the rest →


Improve your timing

I’ve been asked a lot about how to improve the timing or the “inner clock” as we call it.

To be honest, I think this is one of the most important topics. There’s no excuse for playing bad time. You just have to practice it. A lot.

So, when people ask me, most of them go like “I play with the metronome all the time, but the progress is really slow… How can I improve faster?”

Well, first of all: Improving your timing won’t be done in one or two weeks.… Read the rest →


Fatback System App Goes Android

Ok so quite a few people have requested that I publish the app for Android (and even Windows phone) as well.

Since the android and windows developer accounts are not as expensive as the apple one I thought why not. So here is the link to find the app in the Google Play store:


Alternatively you can just search for “Fatback System“!

I hope you enjoy using the app!… Read the rest →

Fatback System App Preview

The Fatback System – App

(link to stores below)

Have you ever heard of the “Fatback System” by Gary Chaffee?
If not, here’s a quick definition:

The Gary Chaffee Fatback System combines over 200 bass drum combinations with a static backbeat on 2 and 4, with a 1/4 to 1/16 rate in a 4/4 time signature.

In a nutshell, practicing these exercises will help you develop superlative bass drum control and freedom while playing a static backbeat.… Read the rest →

Gospel Chop Fundamentals

Gospel Chops Fundamentals

“Gospel chops”! What is “Gospel chops”?

Before you start reading this article please do yourself a favor and watch this video. It’s Chris Coleman explaining what Gospel chops are, where they come from and why the term “gospel chops” is actually complete nonsense.
It is hilarious!

All right, did you watch it?

So, gospel chops is nothing more than different patterns combined and played ridiculously fast and precisely.… Read the rest →


Paradiddles – Moving and double accents

My first article is about something I’ve been working on today: Paradiddles. I love paradiddles! You have countless possibilities of playing and orchestrating them, it’s insane!

Here are two approaches I use to create fills and also to develop my backbeat using the single paradiddle and its variations:
Moving accents and double accents!

Just to recap, these are the four paradiddles variations:

Paradiddle - Shifting and double accents Part 1


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